Recursos bibliográficos

Rie Kido Askew “The politics of nostalgia: museum representations of Lacadio Hearn in Japan”

Autor Desconocido “Part IV – Identity, property and the protection of heritage”

John Berger y Jean Mohr “Otra manera de contar”

Magaly Cabral “Exhibiting and communicating history and society in historic house museums”

Bettina Messias Carbonell “Introduction”, Part IV. Locating History in the Museum

Elizabeth Carnegie “It wasn´t all bad”: representations of working class cultures within social history museums and their impacts on audiences”

Américo Castilla “A Review of a Cultural Policy for Museums of the Twenty-first Century in Argentina”

Noemí Castillo-Tejero “Keeping a record of the cultural heritage in the National Museum of Anthropology, Mexico City”

Peter Chametzky “Not what we expected: the Jewish Museum Berlin in practice”

James Clifford “Los museos como zonas de contacto”

James Clifford “Cuatro museos de la costa noroccidental: reflexiones de viaje”

James Clifford “El paraíso”

James Clifford “Diario de Palenque”

Michel Côté “From Masterpiece to Artefact: the Sacred and the Profane in Museums”

James Deetz “A Sense of Another World. History Museums and Cultural Change”

María Silvia di Liscia – Ernesto Bohoslavsky – Marisa Gonzçalez de Oleaga “Del centenario al bicentenario. Memorias (y desmemorias) en el Museo Histórico Nacional”

Phillippe Dubé “The Beauty of the Living”

Duffy, Terence M. “Museums of ‘human suffering’ and the struggle for human rights”

Gary Edson “Socioexhibitry” as popular communication.

Néstor García Canclini “El porvenir del pasado”

Pascal Gielen “Museumchronotopics: on the representation of the past in museums”

Fabrice Grognet “Ethnology: a science on display”

Anne Gaugue “Myths, censorship and the representation of precolonial history in the museums of tropical America”

François Hartog “Time and heritage”

Steve Henrikson “A link with the people: the Alaska State Museum”

Wu Hung “Reinventing exhibition spaces in China”

Helene Illeris “Museums and galleries as performativa sites for lifelong learning: constructions, deconstructions and reconstructions of audience positions in museum and gallery education”

Gaynor Kavanagh “Melodrama, Pantomime or Portrayal? Representing Ourselves and the British Past through Exhibitions in History Museums”

Barbara Kirschenblatt-Gimblett “Intangible Heritage as Metacultural Production”

Katherine Kuh “Explaining art visually”

Manfred Lehmbruck “Museum, psychology and architecture”

Leone, Mark P. y Barbara J. Little “Artifacts as Expressions of Society and Culture. Subversive Genealogy and the Value of History”

Mark Liddiard “Changing Histories: Museums, Sexuality and the Future of the Past”

Cecilia Londrès “The Registry of Intangible Heritage: the Brazilian experience”

Beth Lord “Foucault´s museum: difference, representation, and genealogy”

Henri Lustiger Thaler “Holocaust lists and the Memorial Museum”

Sharon Macdonald “Review article: reviewing museum studies in the age of the reader”

Maurizio Maggi “Innovation in Italy: the a.muse project”

Jean-Yves Marin “How Europe is portrayed in exhibitions”

Claudia Menezes “Museum of the Indian: new perspectives for student and indigenous population participation”

Dawson Munjeri “Tangible and Intangible Heritage: from difference to convergence”

Bernice Murphy “Memory, History and Museums”

Richard Nunoo “Salvaging ethnology”

Rosanna Pavoni “Towards a definition and typology of historic house museums”

Giovanni Pinna “Introduction to historic house museums”

Luisa Fernanda Rico Mansard “Past and present in the museums of Chiapas – an alternative approach?”

Georges Henry Rivière “Role of museums of art and of human and social sciences”

Lichfield Max Ross “Interpreting the new museology”

Galia Saouma-Forero “Africa 2009: a Story of African Empowerment”

David L. Schalk “A Historian´s Engagement”

Thomas Schlereth “Collecting Ideas and Artifacts: Common Problems of History Museums and History Texts”

Myrian Sepúlveda dos Santos “Representations of black people in Brazilian museums”

Susan A. Crane “Memory, Distortion, and History in the Museum”

Claire Sutherland “Repression and resistance? French colonialism as seen through Vietnamese museums”

Mario Teruggi “The round table of Santiago (Chile)”

Romila Thapar “Cyclic and Linear Time in Early India”

Lucía Torres “An outpost for art in Patagonia”

Amy M. Tyson “Crafting emotional comfort: interpreting the painful past at living history museums in the new economy”

Isabelle Vinson “Museums and heritage: a major issue in the UNESCO Wold Culture Report 2000”

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